My Mission

My name is Martin Verduzco and my mission is to expand the knowledge of one’s self or one’s motives or character by increasing the levels of consciousness and awareness beyond the five senses. I focus on the total transformation of your mindset, habits, attitude, thought patterns, perception, and belief system. I am ultimately transforming you into the best version of yourself. I recognize that you have talents, and I have the ways to help you use those abilities to the maximum effect. I plan to teach the same strategies I took, which is mind over matter, taking all of your weaknesses and turning them into your strengths.

I provide you with the support, knowledge, and skills to develop and sustain the mindset that is needed to allow yourself to shift your current paradigm creating a path for your desired state.



Getting To Know You

“Well begun is half done” in order for me to provide my services at maximum potential. It is extremely important for me and my clients to be completely open, comfortable and honest with one another, this is how we create a wholesome and purposeful connection that leads to great results. Additionally, our process digs deeper into trying to figure out who they really are.

We live a life under a certain label, which happens to be our name, often force-fed certain beliefs by our family and culture, molding our personality with every twists and turns of life, this leaves majority of people not knowing who they truly are and what they desire. This feeling of emptiness and absence of self-knowledge often leads us into filling that void with external materialistic or social attractions. Once that feeling drains out too, our search to recreate the same feeling through some other experience begins. Until a point when people, bystanders, acquaintances slowly fade away into their own lives, when no amount of money or materialistic pleasures are able to fill the dark space of self-realization and true happiness.

That is when one really understands who he/she truly is.

Conscious Awareness

Consciousness addresses an individual’s awareness of self, their unique thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations, and environment. Consciousness is the awareness of yourself and the world. This awareness is subjective and unique to every individual. Our conscious experience is constantly shifting and changing, you are likely to shift your consciousness to a memory of a place, an event or a conversation you had earlier, you might even be making lunch plans while reading this article. This can be a problem if we happen to captivate ourselves in an unpleasant memory or event. Such thought process and conscious traps may lead to severe depression or worse.

We seek to help people in keeping them fully aware of their thoughts, emotions and consciousness, so they only spend most of their time thinking about positive and productive thoughts and ideas. Consciousness is what helps us manifest our thoughts into our reality, this makes our thinking crucial to our life choices that dictate and directs our life in a certain direction. A person who is aware of all his subconscious thoughts, his paranoia, fears and phobias will definitely have a greater command and control over his life.


In order to get something fixed, it’s important to know what’s entirely wrong with it. Surprisingly, this process works on us, humans too. What we fail to understand is that we often blame the wrong things, people or events in our lives for making us feel a certain way. Although it is very likely to be traumatized or devastated by the external world, it holds no power in your future or your course of life.

Our evaluation process is also a reality check that helps an individual to step back and perceive their life from an outer perspective, this seems to benefit a lot of people as its always been easier to see through someone else’s problems and help them out rather than fixing our own. This is because we often get to mentally clouded trying to solve our own issues. The evaluation process doesn’t require anything to be done, instead, it is a process that accesses your current mental and emotional conditioning. Upon finding an issue or a blockage that might be holding you back from living a healthier and happier life, we will have a personalized session evaluating the cause and effect of those issues and find a way to overcome them. With these issues and problems out of the way, we take our process to its next step with a clear and positive mind.


At this stage, both parties are most likely to be mutually comfortable and open with each other. This puts the plan of action in the process by seeking to take the required steps and making both positive and beneficial changes.

Abundant and sufficient knowledge of one’s own self can make tremendous changes in one’s life, using this information of knowing what you truly desire will be the first step towards turning your dreams into your reality. With a fresh, positive and productive mindset, our expert can offer you their services at full potential by being there for you when you need to talk to someone, help you create a new way of looking at difficult problems and eventually, help you move towards a solution and achieving your goals. The sessions spent resolving your personal issues through our professional guidance and support guarantees reduce the entrenchment of psychological problems and a healthier status.