Spiritual Enlightenment is not an abstract experience. It’s more real than one could imagine. It’s more practical because, in a spiritually awakened state, we are not self-identifying with our past. That past is the repetitive egotistical narration of who we have believed ourselves to be.

Most individuals walk around with an underlying belief that there is something wrong with them.

A lot of stress in life comes from unconsciously gazing at life through the victim’s standpoint.

In one’s natural state of presence, identifying with the mind-made sense of self — its limiting beliefs, and suffering life — dissolves.

In a spiritually awakened state, there is no fear of survival. Instead, there is a sense of sacredness for all life. There is no emotional neediness or grasping for love, no fear of not having enough. Instead, there is a state of ever-present unconditional love, wholeness, prosperity, and abundance.

There is a sense of being one with all that is, and simultaneously an awareness of being a unique individuated expression of the One world Consciousness.

Spiritual awakening is available to everyone with no restrictions. While there is no way to force it to happen, there are ways of nurturing the seeds of spiritual awakening.