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Personal Development & Life Consulting

It is almost impossible to prosper with a mindset that is not ultimately serving you. We all need someone’s support and guidance at some phases of our lives. While we understand it can be helpful to have someone to vent to during difficult times. We also ensure and stick by your side until you reach your desired state.

Your Challenges & Struggles
  • Anxiety and Depression/ Stress Management
  • Self-Awareness
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Financial Investments
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Personal Growth and Self-Development
  • Marital and Relationship Counseling
  • Career Changes and Development


Offers Brief Exploration Of Your Past

Life Consulting offers you a brief exploration of your past to uncover, examine and eliminate limited thinking, beliefs, mental blocks, and hindrances.

Offers In-Depth Exploration Of Your Past

Therapy offers clinical diagnoses and treatment for mental challenges and an in-depth exploration of your past to accelerate your healing process.

Gives Fresh Perspective To Life

It becomes your guide by proposing a fresh perspective to life and helps you find the core problems within yourself to come up with an effective solution.

Needs Regular Treatment

It offers undue focus on past emotions and feelings. Therapy is recommended in cases of for clinical fear, anxiety, and depression.

Reduces Stress

It helps reduce procrastination, anxiety, fear, and stress. On the other hand, it enhances understanding, compassion, empathy, motivation, peace, fulfillment, joy, confidence, and self-awareness.

Takes Time To Heal

It is a time-taking process depending on how painful and suppressed the past trauma was and how ingrained the addiction or mental illness might be.

Life Consulting Sessions


Knowing more about yourself helps you adapt to life changes and develop yourself…

Mental Awareness

Being mental-aware empowers you and gives you the confidence to identify your true self…

Life Coaching

Online life counseling/ consulting services help you overcome and achieve your limiting beliefs…

How Ego Soar Helps

With an experience of over nine years, Ego Soar focuses on the total transformation of your mindset, attitude, thought patterns, habits, perception, and emotions, challenge your beliefs and philosophies. Overcome limiting beliefs and develop your weaknesses and overcome your current limitations. We are on a mission to help you stay focused and motivated while on your journey of self-development.

At Ego Soar, we provide life consulting services and personal development coaching, including support, motivation, inspiration, knowledge, and unique strategies. All of our consulting services are unique to the client and their requirements. Start today and develop a healthy and robust mindset to shift your current paradigm and adopt a higher quality of purpose and meaning in life.

Our Coaching Process
  • Developing an understanding as to how your performance is influenced by your mindset;
  • How and why to forgive and forget the unforgivable and the unforgettable;
  • How to overcome and strengthen your mindset and behavior
  • How to develop a constructive perspective with unlimited opportunities;
  • Learning how to strengthen the weakness in your life;
  • Learning how to overcome hardship and use it to fuel your development and growth;
  • The origination of your passion and ideas behind its long-term sustenance;
  • Using negative emotions as the driving force behind positive outcomes.


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