Life Coaching vs. Therapy

Life Coaching and therapy are very dissimilar!

Therapy tends to deeply explore past traumas, make mental illness diagnoses, and propose treatments to the diagnoses to help their patients. On the other hand, life coaching tends to briefly explore past traumas eliminating hindrances blocking you from reaching your optimal potential. We help you create a promising future by positioning you in the driver's seat of your life.

Are you suffering from severe addiction, mental illness, or suicidal thoughts? Are you looking for a medical diagnosis as well as treatment? After a consultation with us, we can help you determine whether you should opt for our life coaching and self-development services. Suppose we realize a client is in dire need of comprehensive therapy. In that case, Ego Soar will be the first to suggest the client consult with a licensed therapist.

We are here to redefine and develop your strengths and weaknesses. We do not suggest/prescribe medications, recommend treatments, or diagnose mental illness for you. Even more, Ego Soar will not be working with you if traditional therapy sessions are required. When devising our advanced programs, we draw on industry-wide experiences and educational findings to our advantage to offer you comprehensive and effective counseling therapies.

We use this chart below to assist clients in understanding when therapy sessions maybe more beneficial and how our life coaching services can benefit you.

Advanced Life Coaching Therapy
  • A brief exploration of your past to uncover, examine and eliminate limited thinking, beliefs, mental blocks, and hindrances,
  • Helps reduce procrastination, anxiety, fear, and stress,
  • Enhances understanding, compassion, empathy, motivation, peace, fulfillment, joy, confidence, and self-awareness,
  • Becomes your guide by proposing a fresh perspective to life,
  • Helps you find the core problems within yourself,
  • Helps you understand the deceptive mind stories,
  • Helps you realize the limitations of your story and how to detach from it
  • Helps you find your true self
  • Reshapes your motivations and values,
  • Unlocks true solutions, ideas, and inspirations
  • Works with you to develop your new life plan
  • Sets accountability and goals
  • Offers clinical diagnoses and treatment for mental challenges
  • An in-depth exploration of your past to accelerate your healing process,
  • Undue focus on past emotions and feelings
  • Recommended for clinical fear, anxiety, and depression,
  • Time-taking process depending on how painful and suppressed the past trauma was and how ingrained the addiction or mental illness might be,
  • Excessive craving for substance abuse – addictions,
  • Beneficial for people trying to make sense of mental and physical abuse,
  • Mental health consultants and Life Coaches recommend therapy sessions if the client is suffering from deeply ingrained addictions, sexual orientation problems, clinical depression, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, deep trauma and in need of medical medication and evaluation.
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