Breakthrough  Coaching


Overwhelming life breakdowns translate as undeniable breakthroughs

What is Breakthrough Coaching?

Breakthrough Coaching is a unique coaching type focusing extensively on your personal development and growth – Breakthrough coaching intends to unleash your true potential. Ego Soar’s structured approach is comprehensive, strategic, and impressive. We discover the precise changes you can make for yourself to deliver the world a better version of yourself. Moving on, we help you deconstruct and then reconstruct your mindset to strengthen your personality traits, characteristics, and overall life skills.

How Breakthrough Coaching Can Help You?
  • Answers internal/external dynamics in your life;
  • Builds emotional intelligence;
  • Daily practices to kick-start, sustain, and reinforce change;
  • In-depth exploration to understand your behavior and the underlying mindsets;
  • Develops change leadership, leadership, interpersonal, and personal skills;
  • Guarantees ongoing support as required;
  • Result-oriented coaching to develop sustainable changes;
  • Vertical development support.
Breakthrough Coaching Specialties
Executive Coaching
Personal Breakthrough & Self-Mastery Performance
Strategic Change & Personal Development Coaching
Executive Coaching Personal Breakthrough & Self-Mastery Performance   Strategic Change & Personal Development Coaching
Offering leadership counseling to senior leaders and executives. Supervision to change self-limiting thinking, understand performance-based breakthroughs, and progress. Delivers direction and constructive criticism on different leadership styles, strategy planning, process execution, and adjustments.
  • Matures the ability of the leader to perceive solutions to highly complex business problems
  • Encourages efforts to develop co-creative, empowered, and open work cultures
  • Develop capabilities for transformational leadership
  • Stimulates the ability to accomplish desired outcomes
  • Adjusts self-limiting thinking in how you see things, create solutions, and resolve them
  • Cultivates self-mastery skills and mindfulness to work in a high-performance ecosystem
  • Enhance the chances of success on your present change projects with adequate counseling and advice
  • Quickens and streamlines the correction process
  • Develop career-enhancing and long-lasting change leadership capabilities and skills

Leaders, senior leaders, executives


athletes, leaders, executives, high achievers and others interested in optimal performance and self-development


consultants, change project leaders, change sponsors, and executives

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