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Marriage Counseling and Relationship Coaching

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Empowering Love

Relationships thrive when both individuals practice effective communication. It is critical for women to express their thoughts, feelings, and desired throughout intimate relationships. Both persons in the relationship need to communicate what they want, need, interests, passions, and desires.

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Grow Together

Developing your strengths within a marriage is just as critical as developing the weaknesses. Every relationship undergoes stressful times. You have a choice when stress happens: Seize it as an opportunity for personal growth together or allow stress to weaken your bond.

Online Therapy & Life Coaching – Client Reviews

I was referred by a friend when I was going through a divorce. Martin’s coaching methods and calculated techniques pointed out the problem areas in our marriage. He also pointed out the problem areas within ourselves. That was the key to saving our marriage.

– Former Client

I feel extremely comfortable and safe when talking to Martin. He is an experienced counselor, very understanding and professional. The help he provided to us so far exceeded both of our expectations. I highly recommend him to everyone.

– Former Client

My husband and I have seen multiple counselors, and never had a great experience, so we were both skeptical going into our first session. To our surprise, they immediately zeroed in on some of our core issues, and asked valuable questions, and offered great advice. I would recommend Martin Veruduzco (and already have) to any loved ones seeking marriage counseling.

– Former Client

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Marriage Counseling and Relationship Coaching

  Improve Communication • Stop Fighting, Start Understanding • Create The Relationship You Want • Restore Love and Respect • Repair Trust and Security • Increase Emotional and Sexual Intimacy • Get in Alignment Around Values & Priorities • Parent Together Effectively • Create Agreement Around Finances, Housework & More • Enjoy Each Other Again