Ego Soar's advanced coaching is dissimilar to any life coaching program. We combine reliable and effective life counseling solutions leveraging behavioral and mental sciences to our advantage. We understand the fusion between psychology, neurochemistry, and neuroscience and use it to help you find your desired path! Our life coaching consultants are strategically placed in Illinois to help you with all your mental and self-awareness needs, from troubled family or personal relationships to life goals, we have you covered.

Our goal is to change your world – by helping you uncover your hidden strengths, potentials and challenging you to transform your life!

Our Coaching Sessions

We offer different sessions during our 6-month life coaching program for a full transformation. In those 6 months, we will help you with:

  • Breakthrough Coaching (Beginner)
  • Advanced programs
  • Helping make necessary adjustments based on difficulty
  • Keeping you on track
  • Life Coaching;
  • Mindset Coaching (Intermediate and Advanced).

What you Might Ask

Who needs coaching?

Everyone among you who is dealing with life, family, relationship, or career issues and is looking forward to improving the quality of their lives.

Coaching or therapy? What is good for me?

Therapy tends to deeply explore past traumas, make mental illness diagnoses, and propose treatments to the diagnoses to help their patients.

On the other hand, life coaching tends to briefly explore past traumas eliminating hindrances blocking you from reaching your optimal potential.

How Ego Soar helps?

With our coaching and counseling, we help you rewire your minds, develop positive habits and mindset, and create a new life perspective.

Ego Soar’s Areas of Coaching

  • Life Coaching;
  • Mindset Coaching;
  • Personal Breakthrough Coaching;
  • Personal Development Coaching;
  • Executive Coaching;
  • Self-Mastery Performance;
  • Strategic Change.
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