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About Us

Ego Soar is a personal development consulting service based in Chicago, Illinois. Ego Soar Consulting is owned and operated by Martin Verduzco, professional behavior and mental health Consultant with an extensive background in psychology, neuroscience, neurochemistry, behavior sciences, etc. Ego Soar offers consulting services for individuals who struggle and find it difficult to gain a grip on their life. Ultimately, those who have endured enough hardship in their lives and are ready to commit themselves to become high achievers.

With an experience of over twelve years focusing on the psychology of self. Martin has developed and implemented techniques and strategies that focus on the total transformation of your mindset, attitude, characteristics, thought patterns, habits, perception, and emotions, teaching you how to challenge your current beliefs and philosophies. This allows you to open the door to self-development and overcome your limiting beliefs and develop your weaknesses as well as current strengths to overcome and develop your current way of living.

How We Work?

It is almost impossible to prosper with a mindset that is not ultimately serving you. We all need somewhat of a mentor, someone that is professional, reliable, trustworthy, and that offers impeccable mentorship, support, and one on one guidance. We also understand that it can be beneficial to have a professional, reliable, and trustworthy person to vent to during difficult times, that is why Ego-Soar is available 24/7 whenever you need us!

At Ego Soar, we provide the highest quality of professionalism. Our work is never done and we support you on the full journey, or whenever you're ready to branch off, so you'll never have to feel lost or alone. Your independence is our motivating factor. Most of our clients are ready to set out on their own in as little as 9 months (results may vary). Start your new lifestyle today and learn what it takes to develop and maintain a healthy and robust mindset, shifting your current paradigm, and adopting higher quality of purpose and meaning in life.

Who We Serve?

We service individuals who have made a conscious decision to no longer be victimized by their past or the traumatic experiences holding them back from a flourishing life. We enjoy working with individuals and families who are inspired, motivated, and ready to accept change from themselves. If you're ready to take ownership of yourself and your life, then our concentrated and focused sessions are the right fit for you! We no longer look to the past for answers, but we look to the innovative future instead.

Our Coaching Process

  • Develop an understanding as to how your performance is influenced by your mindset
  • How and why to forgive and forget the unforgivable and the unforgettable
  • How to overcome and strengthen your mindset and behavior
  • How to develop a constructive and innovative perspective with unlimited possibilities
  • Learn how you can strengthen the weaknesses holding you back
  • Learn how you can push through the inevitable hardships and negative emotions while using them to fuel your development and growth


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