Healing Anxiety Disorders

You can heal anxiety disorders by gazing at the two major brain circuits that are attached to anxiety. The primary circuit is within the pallium or the thinking brain. This part of the brain permits you to suppose and set up for the longer term, and to anticipate for future. The second circuit involves the amygdala, and almond formed structure within the neural structure. The amygdala is termed “the sentinel of fear,” and its job is to warn you of any danger and is often on the lookout for a few threats. It’s wired to safeguard you from harm before the thinking brain even is aware of what the harm is.

Issues arise within the prefrontal cortex after we trust the longer term and exaggerate the negative outcomes and this causes you to fret and to “catastrophize.” Treating this kind of tension is to use psychological feature behavioral medical care to interchange fearful, chimerical thoughts with rational and realistic thoughts. Thus, if you’re making ready for an employment interview and thinking to yourself, “I’ll never get this job. And after I don’t get it, I won’t be ready to pay my rent and I’ll become homeless,” this can be getting to cause you to feel a good deal of tension. For this the psychological feature medical care is, you’ll tell yourself “I’m well ready for this interview,” or “I am as qualified as any of the opposite candidates.” this may calm your mind down and can decrease the physical symptoms of tension.

The second pathway within the brain that makes anxiety involves the amygdala, an almond formed structure placed within the emotional brain. The amygdala creates the physical sensations of tension that square measure harder to treat than the cortex elicited anxiety.
The amygdala is termed the sentinel of fear and is often on the lookout for a few threats. The amygdala is wired to retort quickly enough to avoid wasting your life and it seizes management in times of danger. and since of this wiring, it’s troublesome, if not possible, to use reason-based thought processes that arise within the cortex to manage amygdala-based anxiety. this can be why it’s arduous to require yourself out of a panic attack. The amygdala induces the concern response, even wherever is nothing out there to be frightened of.

The key to healing amygdala-based anxiety is to use strategies that directly impact the brain and nervous system and bypass the thinking mind. Three examples are exercise, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation. Another one taught in the DBT training, is to put your face in the sink or bucket of cold water and hold your breath for as long as you can. Doing this activates what is called “the dive response” which in turn activates the relaxation response. This may sound a bit unusual, but I have been told that it does work.

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