A Journey Of Self-Discovery

Realizing your potential and living it to the fullest is not a day job as several sacrifices are involved coupled with untiring dedication. This process is no walkover, and focus must be maintained all along, holding to the fact that every challenging factor is a stepping stone to a breakthrough as such you must keep your head cool and pass through the fire to ensure you stand tall and victorious at the end.
The truth is that no enemy could prevent you from fulfilling your goals except YOU. It’s surprising, but “SELF” has always prevented countless people from relishing their full potential. In as much as achieving purpose and living your dreams matters, you must be more than ready to discipline yourself and be determined not to be the stumbling block to your progress

Psychological Development
Development is a series of innovations in the life of an individual that is capable of influencing his total view about life. This process is a slow, steady change that leads to a happy end. A good example is the radical change of a caterpillar into an attractive butterfly. The moral here concerning humans is that we can have a beautiful result like that of a butterfly by moving on from the rough experience we have had in the past and letting go of the haunting characters.

In the journey of life, our mind can be considered as the engine or the control room, which is tasked with the responsibility of making decisions that could either mar or make our destiny.
Furthermore, physical changes have an enormous impact on our lives and the way we see things around us. It challenges us to come out of our past and let go of everything that might have attempted to draw us back which in another way could be the source of inspiration for discovering our true self

Guides to discovering or rediscovering the real YOU?
Your true self is not the thought of people about you nor their perception about you. It is your dream, goals, and the things of Joy which you tirelessly pursues with enthusiasm. So what is the progress guide to discovering your real purpose? Wait for it…

Self Discovery
There are different ways of discovering yourself; in other words, you can call it a Moment of Truth. Climbing this mountain of self-discovery is only made easy if you can tell yourself the truth. For maximum efficiency, you must be able to differentiate your strengths from your weaknesses as this will be able to propel you to reach your actual potential. The real you is not discovered under pretense. It is only made possible through your boldness to accept yourself

Have a Moment of Truth
Talking about discovering yourself, there are some questions for you to digest. Questions like, the traits of the real you, your characteristics, and finally, what characters could downgrade your true self? These questions may look generic, but the moment you can give yourself a sincere answer and accept the answers, then you are on the path to self-development.

For better understanding we need an illustration, if you realized one of your challenges is time mismanagement, It is also paramount for you to know the way out or the best way to handle your issue of time mismanagement. A solution to the time mismanagement could be enrolling yourself for a mentorship program that could guide you on possible ways to manage your time correctly or seeking materials online that can improve your time management skills. The moment you can pinpoint the mistakes or these setbacks that are preventing you from reaching your full potentials, then you should know that the journey to stardom just begun therefore they are still more steps ahead

Embrace Your New Identity
This can be considered as a battle because the old you would not just walk away because you decided to change, it will still come haunting you trying to make you believe that you cannot live a new life or possibly making efforts to make you think that you made the wrong choice. Then you need to be serious. You need to believe in yourself because if you cannot make the decision that can turn your life around, then nobody will be able to do that for you. You have to let go of the mentality that I can’t do it because you are on a journey of transformation to unleashing your full potential, there are no impossibilities.

Face Your Fears
In the journey of life, change is constant, and at some point, being afraid of some of those changes could be normal, but then the question is, what is the way out when fear comes knocking at your door? You need courage, take your pen, take a book and register those fears down, then be bold enough to write down the possible ways of tackling your concerns. This very act may not bring out instant solutions. Still, these Solutions have been registered in your subconscious, and over some time, you will see that those fears will start going one after the other, and as well notice there is a real change in you and that you have been able to overcome your fear.

Stop saying “I WILL DO IT LATER”
As it is popularly said, “Procrastination is the killer of Destiny” these five words could destroy your life. “I will do it later,” it makes you lazy, and it reduces your self-worth. Saying you will do it later won’t in any way help you to realize your true self; however, it will be a stumbling block, but then if you find yourself in this habit of “I will do it later,” what is the way out?

Set Achievable Goals
There is this saying that “don’t look more than you can leap” it is wisdom for you to set achievable goals. It will not keep you under overwhelming pressure, your goals should be time-bound, and they are realistic as well. Let’s say you plan to eliminate a bad habit, read books, learn a side hustle that will boost your finance. The best way of approaching this is by breaking those goals into fractions.

For instance, let’s say you have a goal of reading a book of about 60 chapters in a month. Reading through the book at one seating could be tiring, very boring, and not even possible at times. When you decide to do two chapters daily, you’ll see that at the end of that month, you should have finished reading a complete book and possibly finishing 12 books at the end of a year. You have to understand that achieving your goals is a process and you have to trust in the process to get your desired result.

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Stop Negative Thoughts
It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, but what comes out that does the defiling. It is very typical for negative things to fly through your mind, but there is a problem when you decide to act on those thoughts or believe those thoughts, that is where the challenge is.

You have to trust in yourself and summon the courage to shut down evil imaginations. In achieving your dream, you have to eliminate every form of pessimism and be optimistic even in the worst situation that you can do it

Celebrate Every Success
In all your endeavors in life, you have to understand that you owe yourself one thing, and that is happiness. This is what you cannot get elsewhere so whenever you can reach your target or let’s say you were able to finish that book, get rid of that negative habit or you finally made some bucks from your new side hustle, it is worth taking out some time to enjoy that feat by gifting yourself something nice—going for a movie, coupling popcorn, and ice cream is fine. It’s necessary to keep you pushing.

Don’t Fear failure
The journey of life could be very bumpy and rough at times. You don’t have to give up not achieving that plan, not reading that book, or not been able to get a new client in your side hustle. It’s normal; its part of life, but you have to believe in yourself and know that failure is not the end of life. When you are not able to meet those goals relax, put yourself together and give it another shot and when you finally meet up try to do better next time

Quality Time with People you Care About
Regular communication with your loved ones will help to reduce some unnecessary pressure on you. This is very important because your mood per time contribute to your efficiency in whatever you do or in becoming the best you. Great men are people who can pin down their emotions. In the journey to greatness, you must always have control over your feelings, and that is not letting your emotions get the better of you. When you climb this step of controlling your emotion and passion, then you are on the right path.

Be Supportive to Others
Patience is a priceless virtue, and you have to make the utmost used of it here. You don’t always have to jump to conclusions in every matter until you have your facts right this means you have to give everyone that comes your way the benefit of the doubt. Remember, you cannot move forward by holding other people down, your progress is only possible when you have allowed other people to progress. Therefore, you have to pay more attention to improving yourself, helping others rather than looking at the flaws of other people as this will not help you.

Lead your Life
There is freedom for you to live the life you desire, which can be likened to you being on the driver’s seat of your life, making all the decisions that are Channel towards your self-development. To actualizing your purpose, you have to ease the burden on you and be committed to the process. Whatever you have set as the goal or targets, you have to be consistent and religiously focus on your final results. There is no point judging yourself by your past you don’t live there anymore, you have to move on because the future holds more for you. Therefore, to realizing your dreams you must understand that grapes must be crushed to make wine, diamonds form under pressure, olives are pressed to release the oil, and seeds grow in darkness. So whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness, you are in the powerful place of transformation. Trust the Process!

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